Evolving Cities

Rosebank Skyline Dec 2009

Over the past 6 months the changes in South Africa cannot go unnoticed. Suburbs are emerging and although the green space is diminishing at an alarming rate,  it is one of the costs of developing and evolving cities.

Some may say that these changes will not remain once the 2010 World Cup is over. I believe that not only will the changes remain but in addition, we may find that a notable percentage of fans and visitors will be returning to SA to make new homes here and offer their contribution to the expansion of this part of the world.

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What if Resolutions Offered Guaranteed ROI?

If we were to treat our resolutions as a financial or business investment, the outcome would surely be much different!

By taking time to carefully set tangible objectives, where the expected outcome has been determined either by the desire to achieve a set goal or through the results of accomplishing several predetermined small tasks, each of us should be able to easily keep any resolutions made at the beginning of the year… not so! Many of us make resolutions, which are to affect the next 12 months without any thought at all? Continue reading

2009 Divine, Shine, Mine…

2009 Divine, Shine, Mine…

I decided to make it mine and feel that I have spent 2009 digging out the trenches, getting rid of the old and clearing the space for me to begin building solid foundations for the next few years. What are the three most significant changes will you either leave behind or take into take into 2010? Mine…

1) Trust

2) Allowing myself to be vulnerable

3) It’s okay if it doesn’t go to plan 😀

Joan Laine

Transformational Life & Business Coach

Facebook | Master I – The Awareness Process

Facebook | Master I – The Awareness Process.

via Facebook | Master I – The Awareness Process.

Get Out of the Birth Canal

As a mother of 3 young men, I know that one of the hardest places to be, is stuck in the middle and feeling that there is no way out.. Stuck in the middle means you do not move either way. After a while it becomes a bit boring, then it becomes uncomfortable, then it starts becoming a little painful and when you stay still for long enough, the pain becomes so excruciating that you can’t breath and you want to die. It is akin to being in the birth canal, neither in the womb nor out. When you are stuck in the birth canal, you cannot breath, you cannot move and there is a crushing pain that permeates your whole being. Your Soul cries, as it watches your suffering, knowing all that needs to be done is for you to go with the flow. It is not possible to go back; therefore one must move forwards, regardless of the fear of what may lay ahead.

There is no half-pregnant – Marc Steinberg

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The Sprint 3 Day Transformational Adventure Camp

2010 is when I sprint ahead, kick-start the year and get right on track! What will you be doing?

Nurture Your Future is looking forward to our first Transformational Adventure Camp. In collaboration with outdoor-activity professionals, we will be providing a unique program, created to ensure that 2010 begins with a sprint.

Join us on our 3-day Transformational Adventure Camp from 06-08 January 2010 for 17-19 year olds.

Take advantage of this action-packed, adventure-filled workshop. Limited to those who really want to a make a huge difference to their lives in 2010 by moving into action towards achieving their grandest goals.

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Burning Issues on Coaching 1

Two days ago, I attended an event hosted by Knowledge Resources, entitled Burning Issues on Coaching, where coaching experts Natalie Witthuhn, Director of Leadership Development Centre (LDC) at Wits Business School, and Sunny Stout Rostron, President of COMENSA and author of Business Coaching Wisdom and Practice, highlighted some of the principal issues around coaching in today’s society.

I thoroughly enjoyed both speakers and walked away with quite a few insights and some research to do. (And as usual came away with a couple more questions.)

First, I was surprised to discover that officially coaching as an industry is only approximately 10 years old and as a profession does not yet exist, which is why it is difficult to find any relevant information prior to that. Of course unofficially it has been around for centuries, with Socrates probably our first coach, but documentation and books on business, executive or any kind of specialized coaching have only recently become available for modern day coaching. It made me understand why when asked to choose a profession from drop-down boxes, coaching is only rarely listed.

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